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Body Technologies

Body Technologies

Carole Mudge doing FSM


I am a patient of Doctor Parpia & have seen the team's body techs. I am from New York & traveled 3,000 miles to come to this facility & I am so happy with my decision. I am being treated for Lyme disease (neuro components), gut issues, mold, & some other co infections. It is only mid way my treatment & I am already seeing amazing results with my symptoms. Dr. Parpia makes you feel very comfortable, she actually listens to you, meets with you on a weekly basis, & adjust things accordingly. This facility has an amazing integrative team. Along with medicine, their body techs are life changing! Specifically, Carol has helped me incredibly. Lastly, patty and reception & the nurses (Rex, Melissa, & Eilane) are incredible. I am here for a lengthy amount of time and they are truly help your mental state and overall health. I truly love the facility & staff & am happy that if I had to deal with this type of experience - it's in a clean, positive, warm, & comforting environment with a staff that are genuine and knowledgeable ! Thank you !!!

Rachel R. See on Yelp

Body Tech Carole Mudge is still available for Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), bodywork and Biosyntonie in her private practice in downtown Santa Rosa. You can contact her directly for appointments in Santa Rosa at carole.mudge@gmail.com or 707-483-4330.

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