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The Role of Dysbiosis and Chronic Infections in Cognitive and Psychological Health

Daniel Schmachtenberger interviews Nafysa Parpia, ND for the Collective Insights Podcast through the Neurohacker Collective. Complex chronic illnesses can happen to anybody and we’ve seen hundreds of cases with similar stories. Every time, it’s a bit of a surprise how healthy the person was before, how functional they were, how driven and engaged they were […]

Increased toxic metal exposures in our everyday life

Dr Nafysa Parpia talks with Dr. Lyn Patrick about where mercury & lead is found in our modern lifestyle and how to easily test yourself It is an unfortunate reality that most people today have a high toxicant load in their body. From pesticides, to wildfires, to modern home building practices, it is difficult to […]

Protecting Your Health during Wildfire Smoke Season

Drs Eric Gordon and Nafysa Parpia talk about what you need to know to stay healthy with smoke in the air Every year, the wildfire season is affecting more and more people. Smoke from fires can travel thousands of miles, carrying with it heavy metals, molds, and mycotoxins. The first point of entry into the […]

Glyphosate Toxicity Affects Everyone – What Can You Do?


Dr. Eric Gordon & Dr. Isaac Eliaz explore the health conditions directly related to glyphosate exposure From mycotoxin illness to gut dysbiosis, neurological diseases, cancers, chronic kidney disease, and more, we are beginning to understand how glyphosate (Roundup)—the most widely used pesticide in the world—is a contributing factor in the significant spike we’re seeing with […]

The Truth About Mycotoxins In Your Coffee

Drs Eric Gordon and Nafysa Parpia are joined by Andrew Salisbury, founder of Purity Coffee, to talk about how cultivation and processing methods can cause toxins in most coffees. https://youtu.be/TBNDTOT89WA Learn more about Purity Coffee * Save 20% on your first order with code GMA20 Disclosure: We were given Purity Coffee to try out, and […]

What Your Doctor May Not Know

Chronic illness is all about the individual patient – there is nothing “cookie-cutter” about it. There are many underlying diagnostics…so many known and yet to be understood causes of what keeps our patients ill.

Mycotoxins and Immune Responses with Dr. Eric Gordon

Dr. Eric Gordon talks about mold toxicity and secondary immune responses versus direct toxic effects The mycotoxins didn’t cause the autoimmune disease… they go in there and they damage how your body talks to itself. Then — depending on how you’re lined up, you can have rheumatoid arthritis, you can get manic, you can develop severe […]

Watch H3O2 -The Missing Link in Chronic Illness

Cultural Anthropologist and Hydration Foundation Founder, Gina Bria, and Wellness Enterprises Founder, Patrick Durkin join Dr. Gordon and Dr. Parpia for a fascinating conversation about the newly discovered 4th phase of water. https://youtu.be/N3oeYy7ovn0 Learn more about *aqua energizer Disclosure: We were given an Aqua Energizer to try out, and were so pleased with it that […]

What Is Keeping You Ill?

Dr. Gordon talks about the unique approach he uses to heal his chronic patients. The rising tide of chronic illness in our country today is a major cause of concern. It’s a growing epidemic that is only getting worse. Episode Highlights Dr. Gordon’s journey in medicine (01:48) What is keeping you ill (04:17) Public Health […]