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Watch H3O2 -The Missing Link in Chronic Illness

Cultural Anthropologist and Hydration Foundation Founder, Gina Bria, and Wellness Enterprises Founder, Patrick Durkin join Dr. Gordon and Dr. Parpia for a fascinating conversation about the newly discovered 4th phase of water.

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Disclosure: We were given an Aqua Energizer to try out, and were so pleased with it that we gifted that one to a friend, and purchased another for our own use and became affiliates. It’s our pleasure to provide you with information and tools. Please note that we receive a small commission only when you purchase items after following our *affiliate links. We only share products we use and believe in. We will never share anything with you that we don’t personally use, support, or recommend to our patients.


  • What structured water is and why it is vital to our health
  • How structured water hydrates at the cellular level
  • Science behind the effects of structured water on natural immune function & the healing process
  • Ways to naturally produce more structured water in our bodies
  • Some of the top foods to eat to get more structured water into your diet daily
  • Aqua Energizer, the state-of-the-art system, we use ourselves and the technology behind it

The *Aqua Energizer Structured Water Device is the first scientifically verified and certified line of structured water devices in the world. Each unit is hand-assembled from copper, quartz, and minerals.

You can learn more about Gina Bria at www.hydrationfoundation.org. You can send questions to Gina Bria at gina@hydrationfoundation.org and Patrick Durkin at patrick@thewellnessenterprise.com

Q&A with Gina Bria and Patrick Durkin

A: The important thing is for you to love the water you are drinking and you feel hydrated. One of the ways to enhance all water is to structure it with a structured water device like the Aqua Energizer.

A: Structured water devices rearrange molecules; they don’t remove them. The chlorine and fluoride are not removed physically, however, because The Aqua Energizer™ changes the oxidation states of chemicals, it has made the chlorine smell and taste dissipate and even disappear. That’s one of the best benefits of the Aqua Energizer.

Showers and baths are so invigorating and enjoyable and feel like immersing yourself in a waterfall. You can read about the test that was done with the device that shows it renders some toxins inactive and changes the chemistry of water on this link. 

We recommend studying the principles presented by Dr. Emoto and homeopathy to further understand the contention that without structuring water to rearrange molecules, the water will never be safe. We favor structuring water as the most essential element of safe water and only use filtering as an option.This blog answers your question.

A: Charging water with gem stones is an ancient practice. The Wellness Enterprise has structured water devices with quartz crystals the water runs over and you can read more HERE.

They also have gem stone bottles. Shungite is a powerful stone that many have used in water for purification in addition to support with EMFs. 

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Why Peptides Are a Big Deal

Peptides are tiny proteins made up of short chains of amino acids. They signal the cells in your body to perform in specific ways. While they may be extremely small, they’re really a BIG deal because they are responsible for all of the ways that your body and mind function.

With different peptides affecting different cells and functions, as therapies they can be highly tailored and targeted to treat a wide variety of health, anti-aging, and wellness conditions.

Peptides work synergistically and can be used with many other therapies to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics, antiviral and antiparasitic medications, IV nutrient therapies, hormone therapies, detoxification therapies, herbal remedies, and even other peptides.

At Gordon Medical we are seeing improvements using peptide therapies in a multitude of areas including:

• Immune dysregulation
• Autoimmunity
• Neurotoxicity
• Chronic inflammation
• Neurological impairment
• GI issues such as leaky gut
• Musculoskeletal pain
• Sleep disorders
• Pituitary and hypothalamic dysfunction
• Hormone deficiencies
• Mitochondrial dysfunction
• Coagulation Defects
• Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

To your health!

Drs. Eric Gordon and Nafysa Parpia

View a clip from Dr. Nafysa Parpia’s talk >> Biohacking Complex Chronic Illness

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View a clip of Dr. Eric Gordon’s talk >> Metabolomics, CDR, and Peptide Therapy

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Why do I need to test before detoxing?

Can’t I just start?

Most all of our patients do have a need to detoxify. In fact – many people in the general public know that due to the toxic burden on the planet, there is likely a high toxin load that their bodies now have to deal with. 

But do you know what you are detoxifying, and how to best go about it?

In a previous post and video, we talked about the importance of cleaning up your food and water, and the parts of your environment that you can have control over in order to help to lower new toxins your body is absorbing from the outside world. What about the chemicals and toxins you already are dealing with in your body?

Before detoxifying, you want to find out what your toxic burden actually is. Each person is individual, in terms of how they absorb and process toxins. Some may easily be able to excrete toxins already accumulated in the body with little interference to their health. For others, their system struggles to remove toxins, either due to genetic issues with detoxification, or because of a pre-existing high toxin load. Still others may have issues with detoxification if they have gastrointestinal issues (constipation, SIBO, leaky gut, dysbiosis for example) or other underlying diagnoses. Depending on which is involved, we may use different strategies for detoxifying. We don’t want to cause more illness when we mobilize the toxins – this can happen when the appropriate strategies are not in place.

We therefore have our patients do testing with different labs, in order to look at a wide range of inner biochemistry as well as environmental chemicals:  herbicides, pesticides, and toxic chemicals from products like pharmaceuticals, packaged foods, household products, and environmental pollution.  We also look at heavy metals in the blood and urine, and as well we may take a look at the toxic burden of metals at a cellular level.  This year we are finding much higher levels of arsenic and aluminum in our patients than we did in the past, and we think this could be due to the wildfire smoke that our patients on the West Coast are being exposed to. Whether or not you live near a fire, the toxic chemistry from houses, cars, and other buildings has an effect on air quality.  If appropriate, we evaluate for mold/mycotoxin illness by testing for mold IgG allergens, mycotoxin load and mycotoxin allergens. 

In addition, we look at genomics and how different mutations may work together in symphony to create certain biochemical states.  While we may run the same labs for different patients, we find different pieces of the puzzle in each person, and each person will respond to treatment in their own way. How you respond to your environment hinges a lot on your genes, so it is important to have an idea of this when creating your personalized detoxification plan.  In our Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit, we gave details about the tests we use most often with our patients.

In the following clip from a longer interview, Dr. Parpia talks about some of the issues involved in detoxification.

Since your inner biochemistry and environmental toxin load is unique to you, we recommend personalized detoxification strategies rather than a one size fits all plan.

If you are interested in investigating these matters more deeply for yourself do get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Drs. Eric Gordon and Nafysa Parpia

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Pre-Tox: 5 Things You Must Do Before You Detox

We are so glad you were able to join us for the Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit! The conversations and connections that followed were nothing short of life changing. As a follow-up to the Summit, we wanted to share this video with you with important information about detox and “pre-tox.” Please feel free to share this video of useful tips with anyone who may need them.

You can watch the video interview mentioned by Dr. Parpia or read the full transcript at the link: Underlying Factors of Chronic Fatigue – Dr. Jill Interviews Dr. Nafysa Parpia

5 steps to detox

Since your inner biochemistry and environmental toxin load is unique to you, we recommend personalized detoxification strategies rather than a one size fits all plan. Check out the post Six Essential Tests Before Detoxing to learn more about this important topic.

If you are interested in investigating these matters more deeply for yourself do get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Drs. Eric Gordon and Nafysa Parpia

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Preventing the Failed Patient – Detoxification

Environmental toxicants impair cellular functions. Lyme/tick-borne disease/co-infections, parasites, and viruses all modulate immune function to their advantage and the host disadvantage. With exposure, the immune system is overactivated, causing hypersensitivity, allergies, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), and/or autoimmunity. The immune system may also be misdirected, and does not mount an appropriate response to infection.

Most of our patients who present with long standing Lyme disease have evidence of a high environmental toxicant load through clinical history and laboratory results. They respond well to therapies that reduce the toxicant load, which leads to normalization of the immune response. Everyone benefits from detox, but in these patients, it is mandatory.

Toxicants that hinder the healing cycle may include: mold toxins, biotoxins and other neurotoxins, heavy metals, high EMF exposure or high sensitivity to it, environmental toxin burden such as high perchlorate, PCBs, glyphosate (Roundup), other pesticides and other chemicals.

Consider whether you:

  • Live/lived in a home with mold or water damage?
  • Live/lived near or on a farm or vineyard? how far from?
  • Live/lived near freeway? How far from?
  • Live/lived in an industrial location?
  • Live/lived in home while it was being renovated?
  • Ever worked with chemicals – artist, dark room, painting/renovating homes, industrial work?
  • Use pesticides, insecticides, herbicides in your garden or your neighbors use them in their gardens?
  • Have metal amalgams in your mouth?

Treatment for toxins needs to precede and be concurrent with herbal and antibiotic treatment of persistent tick-borne disease. It includes appropriate oral, IV and physical detoxification therapies PLUS MCAS treatment. If mast cell activation is on a hair trigger even detox may cause flares.

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How Long Will Treatment Take?

When new patients make their first appointments, they usually have many questions about how long they should plan to stay with us at GMA. Understandably, they get frustrated when we cannot answer those questions with any kind of specificity.

Here’s the problem:

Before we actually get a chance to take a patient’s history and examine them thoroughly, it really is not possible to formulate a therapeutic treatment program. Some patients insist that if we reviewed their massive medical records, in advance of their arrival, surely we could tell them how long their treatment will take.

Let us try to explain why this isn’t possible.

First of all, it is illegal for any physician to make a diagnosis or treat a patient without a complete history and physical first, taken in person with the patient. 

That technicality notwithstanding, the complexity of our patients make it virtually impossible to design a treatment program without delving into the details of their medical lives first. Often the information we really need is not in their medical record. Most of our patients are extremely complicated.

They usually have some combination of Lyme disease with multiple co-infections, mold toxicity, allergies, chemical sensitivities, mast cell disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic viral infections, coupled with a bewildering combination of other medical diagnoses.

If that wasn’t complicated enough, because of each person’s individual biochemistry and genetics, combined with the way they process stress and spiritual/emotional upheaval and cope with their illness, those named illnesses play out very differently for each individual patient. Our patients are far more sensitive to medications, supplements, homeopathics, chemicals and electromagnetic radiation than most; some exquisitely so.

The variability of that sensitivity is difficult for most people to grasp – some of our most sensitive patients can take large amounts of antibiotics, but even the tiniest dose of a homeopathic remedy throws them completely out-of-kilter. Often the only way to know how they will respond is to try.

So, our task, when we begin the process of helping a new patient to heal, is not only to clarify the diagnosis (which is difficult enough), but to stratify those diagnoses into layers, attempting to identify with as much precision as possible, exactly which layer requires the most immediate attention and will lead to the most immediate benefits. Adding to this difficulty is that for each individual we must delve into their sensitivities so that we can determine not only what they need initially, but how much they can handle initially so that we can begin to make forward progress.

Alas, there is not a lot of science that will allow us to do this properly. We have been working for some time with a variety of diagnostic aids (electrodermal, kinesiological, and microscopic, for example) but those have never proven to be as accurate as we hope, and need them to be, to bring true precision to these important decisions. We have therefore come to rely on our experience, our knowledge, and our own personal sensitivities to our patient’s descriptions to make these difficult decisions.

As Dr. Gordon describes this, “it is like pinning the tail on the donkey with a blindfold on, but we peek.”

When patients come to spend time with us, we cannot know in advance what they will need, or how they will react to our suggestions or treatments. Every day is new. We have the privilege of treating a number of delightful patients from Europe – they have come a long way to see us, but every day they need to report to us how they responded to what we did yesterday, so we can formulate the treatment program for today. Those responses change from day to day, and so do treatments. 

Although we may know what my first day’s treatment will consist of, their response will alter what we do next. We might start with one type of intravenous treatment and switch to another, or add another medication, or reduce the dose, or increase the dose, or add Frequency Specific Microcurrent or the neurofeedback, or a wide variety of detoxification options – all based on their individual response.

This description is a microcosm of the treatment program: a constantly shifting, changing response to each being as they begin or complete each phase of our program. That response requires that both the patient and the practitioner communicate as clearly as possible on a regular basis and that each is ready to re-think or change what we are doing as the clinical picture evolves. When we do this we find that the vast majority of the time good things happen (but not always on our time table). The best results happen when we both (patient and practitioner) have the flexibility to optimally respond to changes as they arise.

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