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Learn about tick-borne illness, how it can become chronic, the challenges with traditional treatment options, and how patients can begin healing.

EPISODE 5 Is It Lyme, Mold, or Both?

Navigating the uncertainty of potential Lyme disease, mold exposure, or a combination of both can be a challenging and perplexing journey. Symptoms of these conditions often overlap, making it difficult to pinpoint the root cause.

The elusive nature of Lyme disease, coupled with the stealthy effects of mold toxicity, can create a complex web of health concerns. Fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and cognitive difficulties may leave individuals grappling with an array of symptoms unsure of the underlying culprit. Seeking guidance from healthcare professionals with expertise in both Lyme disease and mold exposure becomes crucial in unraveling this diagnostic puzzle.

Dr. Nafysa Parpia sits down with Dr. Ann Shippy to discuss this complex issue and how to begin to understand the steps toward healing.


  • Why do we need to consider BOTH Lyme and mold?
  • What is chronic Lyme Disease, and what are its symptoms?
  • Why do Mold/Mycotoxin and chronic Lyme have similar symptomatology, and what is the interplay between them?
  • Why is it that some people get bit by a tick or have a mold exposure without any symptoms while others can have such exposures, but their entire life is not the same again?
  • Why does removing the trigger initially not always bring illness resolution?
  • Dr. Parpia’s methodology of treatment in complex chronic illness.


(08:43) Testing and Treatment for Chronic Infections
(20:45) Comprehensive Testing in Functional Medicine
(27:00) Complex Chronic Illness Treatment & Detox
(38:21) Grateful Reflections and Wisdom Sharing


Dr. Ann Shippy is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Certified in Functional Medicine.

She operates a successful private practice in Austin, TX, where she is known for her compassionate, attentive, and tireless approach to caring for her patients. She has gained a considerable reputation for successfully diagnosing and treating mold patients and patients with chronic inflammatory response syndromes (CIRS).

Her areas of expertise also include autoimmunity, neurology, gastrointestinal disorders, behavioral health, infertility, and toxicity.

Learn more about Dr. Shippy at www.annshippymd.com.

If you are interested in learning more about gaining access to Dr. Shippy’s complete Mold, Mycotoxins, and Chronic Illness Summit presented by DrTalks, please visit https://drtalks.com/subscriptions/

** This information is not to be taken as medical advice. Always consult your practitioner before making any changes to your treatment.

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EPISODE 5 Is It Lyme, Mold, or Both?

Navigating the uncertainty of potential Lyme disease, mold exposure, or a combination...


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