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EPISODE 7 Effects of Environmental Toxins on Brain Health

Environmental toxins wield a profound influence on brain health and the nervous system, affecting cognitive function, mood regulation, and neurological integrity. Various environmental factors, including pollution, heavy metals, pesticides, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, posing significant threats to brain health.

Additionally, the intricate connection between Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and brain health highlights the multifaceted nature of environmental toxin-induced neurological dysfunction.

Dr. Jamie Kunkle sits down with Ruby Tischoff to discuss this complex world of environmental toxins and how to begin to take steps toward healing.

Episode highlights include:

  • The extent to which environmental impacts can influence brain function and nervous system
  • The main environmental influences and how they can impact brain health
  • The potential health implications of EMFs
  • Why some people are affected by environmental influences more than others
  • Testing options
  • Can they be detoxed effectively
  • Toxins that can cross the blood-brain barrier
    MCAS and brain connection
  • How long haul can impact brain health

About Ruby Tischoff, FDN-P

Ruby currently serves as the Director of Education for ecoNugenics supporting research and innovation efforts, along with product education, and healthcare practitioner services.

Learn more about how you can support brain health at the Cognitive Compass Series.
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** This information is not to be taken as medical advice. Always consult your practitioner before making any changes to your treatment.

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