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November 4th-5th (Encore Weekend)

Fascia and Chronic Pain Rescue Summit

Fascia is a dynamic web of multidimensional connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place.

As inflammation accumulates in the system, our tendons and ligaments can begin to stretch and even can begin to lose some integrity.

Structural integrity is something that often is overlooked in chronic illness. 

However, when you have an understanding of the fascial system and the ways it could be causing your pain, you can start to alleviate years of tension, regain flexibility, prevent injury and optimize your health.

Learn all about how your fascia affects your health at the complimentary Fascia and Chronic Pain Rescue Summit from October 23-29

October 28th - 29th - Replay Weekend

Mastering Mast Cell Activation

Almost all of my patients who have Chronic Lyme Disease also suffer from MCAS; in fact Lyme disease can actually trigger MCAS.

Lyme disease and MCAS cause similar symptomatology. Not only this, but the bacteria that causes Lyme also triggers mast cell degranulation (where the mast cells release their bioactive chemical mediators.) When mast cells become inappropriately triggered, which Chronic Lyme can do – almost anything can behave like an allergen.  

During the upcoming Mastering Mast Cell Activation event from October 16-22, I’ll be speaking in depth about the many connections between Chronic Lyme and MCAS, and how I approach the very personal process of healing with my patients. 


The Fasting & Longevity Summit

January 22nd

The Synthesis of Wellness Podcast

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