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September 26th – October 2nd

Engineering Your Microbiome

Did you know that your microbiome is connected to every single body system as well as your overall physical and mental wellness?

Your diet plays a role, but a general shift away from natural environments with little exposure to soil, animals, and other environmental microbes seems to be impacting the gut microbiome in potentially detrimental ways.

Microbiome imbalances can make you sick, tired, and can even affect your mood.

So, how do you restore your microbiome if it’s out of balance? 

Discover comprehensive solutions for better microbiome health at the online, complimentary, Engineering Your Microbiome summit!

  October 17th – 23rd

Super Healthy Lungs Summit

Breathing is essential as you know – every cell in your body needs oxygen in order to live. Protecting our lungs from infections, pollution, toxins and allergens is becoming a priority for many, particularly with the increase in wildfires each year releasing even more toxins into the air.
The good news is that there are options for preventing and eliminating many of the triggers that cause breathing difficulties.

In this 7 day event, learn how to avoid infections and gain tools to not only keep your lungs healthy but boost your overall health as well!

Register below to watch interviews with Dr. Eric Gordon and Dr. Nafysa Parpia where they discuss the Cell Danger Response and the role of your sinus’ in your health. 

October 24th – 30th

The Fascia & Chronic Pain Rescue Summit

Healthy fascia is a source of ease and flow, creating comfort within your body. When neglected, it can be a source of tremendous pain and discomfort.

When your fascia is constricted – whether by injury, scars, trauma, stress or illness – the flow between your body’s interwoven systems gets disrupted.

Having an understanding of the fascial system is the first step to alleviating years of tension, regaining flexibility, preventing injury and optimizing your health.

Register below to watch an interview with Dr. Eric Gordon on “How Your Fascia Can Help or Hinder Healing”

Also, don’t miss out on talks by world leaders in Fascia Research from the international Fascia Research Society: Dr. Robert Schleip and Anatomy Trains’ Tom Myers, and authors and educators Gill Hedley, David Lesondak, Jill Miller, and Gary Carter.

Past Events

September 20th – 27th

Mastering the Menopause Transition

This incredible 7 day event will bring together more than 40 speakers – including doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine experts, women’s health experts, and more, to teach you how to feel more control and confidence as you transition through menopause!

Topics include: 

  • Why Your Mindset Is Your Greatest Ally in Mastering Your Meno(pause) Transition
  • Getting Your Best Sleep Ever
  • The Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause 
  • Overlooked Lifestyle Changes that Make a Major Impact on your Hormonal Health

Learn to embrace menopause as a transformative time of growth and change.

Register below to watch the interview with Dr. Nafysa Parpia where she discusses Environmental Medicine and it’s Effects on Menopause

August 29th – September 4th

The Many Manifestations of Mast Cell Activation

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is a complex medical condition that causes a wide variety of repeated allergic and non-allergic symptoms. Some studies show that approximately 17% of the population has MCAS.

Join the best and brightest minds in medicine on the topic of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and related symptoms. This 7-day event will deep dive into what triggers MCAS, the systems impacted by it and its links to other conditions, including Lyme disease, mold toxicity, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, SIBO and others. Gordon Medical’s Dr. Nafysa Parpia is a featured expert and will be discussing the role of Peptide Therapy in MCAS. 

Friday, August 19th (12PM PT | 3PM ET)

Support Yourself During Wildfire Season

In recent years, wildfires in the U.S. have grown larger and more intense. These powerful blazes are capable of generating smoke that travels hundreds of miles. The air pollution created by these wildfires affects every organ of our body.

Persistent smoke pollution has become a new public health threat and is something we often treat here at Gordon Medical.

We hope you will join us Friday, August 19th at 12 pm PT | 3 pm ET as we discuss how to address and manage symptoms of acute exposure in the moment, as well as chronic symptoms and treatment methods.

July 5th – July 15th, 2022

Immune For Life 

10-Part Groundbreaking Health Documentary Series

Dr. Eric Gordon is featured alongside 35 medical experts in the Immune for Life 10-Part Docu-Series which shines a light on the long-forgotten, natural remedies for cancer, autoimmune disease, dementia, as well as heart and gut issues.