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Learn about tick-borne illness, how it can become chronic, the challenges with traditional treatment options, and how patients can begin healing.


February 20th - 26th

Silent Killers Summit

Throughout our lives, we get exposed to environmental toxins including metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury. If your body cannot adequately flush them out through your natural detoxification pathways, they get stored in your body. One such storage place is in our bones for certain metals, particularly lead. 

As women approach menopause and begin to lose bone density, the lead that was stored in the bones begins to release and start to re-distribute through the body. If this goes on undetected and untreated over time, the lead can disrupt your immune system and cause generalized inflammation and other downstream pathologies.  However, there are methods to prevent and treat this influx of metals beyond just symptom management.

I’ll be speaking about this topic in depth during the upcoming event, Silent Killers: Reversing the Root Cause of Chronic Inflammatory Disease Summit from February 20 – 26.

February 16th

Navigating Chronic Fatigue with the Triad

The “Triad” or “Trifecta” refers to the clinical presentation of mast cell activation, dysautonomia and hypermobility syndrome. Dr. Kunkle will discuss the definition of each of these syndromes and how they are interconnected and pose an obstacle to treating complex chronic illnesses. He will include case reports and discussion on genetics, environmental (toxins) and infectious illnesses. 

Join Dr. Kunkle for a LIVE webinar on February 16 at 01:00 PM PST/11am EST.

February 9th

Mastering Pre-Tox Seminar

Properly preparing your body before embarking on any detox regimen is something I feel quite strongly about. It’s why I developed my pre-tox protocol. It’s a crucial step to experience fewer negative effects as you release toxins from your body. 

I’m excited to share that on Friday, February 9th at 1pm PST I’ll be joining Dr. Kelly McCann for a “Mastering Pre-Tox” online seminar to discuss the Importance of preparation in detoxing. Most importantly, why properly preparing your body for a full detox is not just beneficial but essential for optimal health outcomes, especially if your illness is chronic or complex. 

I’ll be sharing details of what to consider when pre-toxing as well as insights into everyday toxins we’re exposed to, and their impact on our health. You’ll also have a chance to join a live Q&A with myself and Dr. McCann after our discussion. 

January 22nd

The Synthesis of Wellness Podcast

January 2nd-8th

The Fasting and Longevity Summit

Strategic periods of fasting can be an important element of a treatment plan for many reasons.

Fasting functions a lot like exercise. It stresses the body, but in a way that allows cells to come back healthier. It helps to prune unhealthy cells that need a constant source of fuel. The ones that survive are stronger and healthier. Since old cells create inflammation, eliminating them can help reduce overall inflammation in the body.

If we keep feeding the body things that are easily converted into glucose and fats – we don’t bother to break down older tissues that are not functioning as well.

How to best implement fasting varies patient to patient. It is best to start slowly and work with a physician.

I’ll be speaking about all of this in detail during the Fasting and Longevity Summit hosted by Dr. Joseph Antoun and Dr. David Jockers from January 2-8, 2024.

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