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Learn about tick-borne illness, how it can become chronic, the challenges with traditional treatment options, and how patients can begin healing.


Encore weekend - May 17 - 21

Cracking the Chronic Illness Code Symposium

We are excited to share that our 2024 event, Cracking the Chronic Illness Code Symposium, is live starting May 6th – 12th. We wanted to create this event to introduce some of the most overlooked and important factors for overcoming chronic illness.

Every day, we work with patients struggling with complex chronic illnesses. Each individual is a puzzle, with varying symptoms and overlapping medical concerns. But the number of people who have the same underlying problems is staggering.

Over and over, in the process of having deep conversations with our patients, we find that what we call “The Big 3 “ – ticks, toxins, and mold – play a role in most, if not all, cases of chronic illness.

You can register to below to join us live in May.

May 19th-21st

Toxic World Weekend

There is an intricate relationship between heavy metals and chronic illness. Metals can be a contributing factor to conditions such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune conditions, and Chronic Lyme Disease, just to name a few.

Environmentally acquired illness expert Dr. Nafysa Parpia sheds light on why heavy metals are significant causative factors in these diagnoses, with a particular focus on arsenic, mercury and lead in the upcoming Toxic World Weekend series, May 20th – 22nd.

June 4th-10th

The Healing from Lyme Summit

Healing from lyme is often not a straight path, especially if the illness has become chronic. It can be a frustrating process trying to find the doctor or treatment plan that works for you. This summit was created to bring a group of renowned specialists in the lyme community together who have dedicated their careers to understanding and treating lyme disease. 

Three of our Gordon Medical doctors, Drs. Gordon, Papria, and Harris, will be joining this talented group of experts in tick borne illness. We hope the talks below will help give you hope and the information you need to seek out the healing you need. 

  • Day 2 – Dr. Parpia – Unraveling Chronic Lyme’s Multiple Causes
  • Day 3 – Dr. Harris – Discover Effective Lyme Disease Treatments
  • Day 7 – Eric Gordon – Your Guide To Pain Relief In Lyme Disease

Follow the link below to register to watch for free from June 6-10.

June 17th - 23rd

Hormonal Havoc

Whether you’re dealing with long COVID symptoms, thyroid issues, autoimmune disease, neurological issues, cardiovascular problems, chronic fatigue, fertility challenges, menopausal issues or mental health concerns, we want to invite you to join us for Dr. Margaret Christensen’s upcoming Hormonal Havoc online event, June 17th – 23rd.

This event will take a 360-degree view of hormones, the health impacts of spike protein toxicity, and how you can optimize and recover your total body health.

Dr. Parpia sat down with Dr. Christensen to discuss the current health landscape post-pandemic and, more specifically, what she is seeing regarding the thyroid and COVID connection.


May 3rd

Lyme and the Immune System

Dr. Eric Gordon discusses the interaction between Lyme disease and the immune system is complex and dynamic, influencing both the course of infection and the manifestation of symptoms. Dr. Gordon will also be discussing the role of the Cell Danger Response in healing. Open Q&A to follow the presentation.

Follow the link below to join us at 2pm PST/5pm EST on May 3rd. Even if you can’t join us live, take a moment to register so you receive the link to watch the replay. 

January 22nd

The Synthesis of Wellness Podcast

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