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March 14th – March 21st

Microbes and Mental Health 

Did you know that your nasal passages have their own unique microbiome just like your gut?

The two operate very similarly, with a myriad of bacteria that are largely beneficial, cohabitating together in a balanced ecosystem. These bacteria do not cause any health issues in healthy people. However, if something disrupts the equilibrium it can cause certain bacteria to grow unchecked. Anything that decreases the effectiveness of your immune system can create this imbalance in your microbiome.

This imbalance can create both physical and mental symptoms. An unexplained increase in anxiety, depression, brain fog or fatigue could be signs of mycotoxin activity in your body. This is why sinus health is so important when it comes to supporting mental health.

I’m excited to share that I’ll be participating in The Microbes and Mental Health Summit from March 14th to the 21st. I’ll be sharing insights on the sinus microbiome and much more!

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Mysterious Symptoms & Illness:

What Your Doctor Might Be Missing In The New Health Landscape

Chronic illness is all about the individual patient – there is nothing “cookie-cutter” about it. There are many underlying diagnostics… so many known and yet to be understood causes of what keeps our patients ill.
After 3 years of treating post COVID patients, we know that Long Haul Syndrome is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more underneath that needs to be explored, diagnosed, and treated in order to allow patients to return to health. This can feel overwhelming for both doctor and patient.
At our live webinar, Mysterious Symptoms & Illness: What Your Doctor Might Be Missing In the New Health Landscape,  we discussed Long Haul and the underlying factors in complex chronic illness and answered many of your questions live.

Follow the link below to watch the replay.

The Energy Blueprint Podcast

Cellular Communication: The key to fixing complex chronic illness

Dr. Gordon recently sat down with Ari Whitten of the Energy Blueprint Podcast to discuss how he helps patients overcome chronic complex illnesses by focusing on mitochondria and cellular communication.  

In this detailed conversation, they cover topics like:

  • Why do doctors often disagree on a person’s diagnosis?
  • Why doing tests isn’t always valuable (especially if you are healthy)
  • How lifestyle plays a role in illness 
  • The group of people who shouldn’t do yoga
  • The link between mitochondria and chronic illness
  • The Cell Danger Response (is it only a sign of dysfunction?)
  • Plus much more!
Click the link below to watch the video of the interview and read the transcript or listen in your preferred podcasting platform. 

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