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February 7th – 14th

Overcoming Long Haul & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Summit 

We are excited to let you know that our Overcoming Long Haul & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Summit will be live February 7-14!
For decades we’ve witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of chronic illnesses and persistent symptoms in our patients. Inflammation, hypercoagulability, and immune dysregulation – these are the same symptoms now showing up in Post Covid Long Haul patients as well. 
During this week-long virtual summit, we’re examining possible causes of Long Haul Syndrome and its similarities to other chronic illnesses. We also discuss possible therapies and methods to enhance your body’s natural healing processes.
We have brought together over 50 doctors and researchers who are investigating cutting-edge solutions to Long Haul Syndrome and ME/CFS. Together we’ll examine the possible future of medicine post covid and how it has changed the landscape of both traditional and naturopathic/functional medicine.

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Overcoming Long Haul:

The battle before the breakthrough

We’ve received so many questions about the health journeys of our patients as it relates to our Overcoming Long Haul & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Summit that we have decided to do a live complimentary webinar and Q&A on February 3rd at 10 am PT. 

We will be answering any questions you may have if you or someone you know is struggling with Long Haul. We will also share the inspiration and behind-the-scenes details on our upcoming Overcoming Long Haul & CFS Summit, exploring how Long Haul has ushered in a new age of medicine and forced a reckoning with one of medicine’s most neglected diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

Follow the link below to watch the replay.

February 13th – 19th

Trauma Super Conference 

At Gordon Medical, we know that TRUE healing comes from getting to the root cause(s) of an ailment, not only treating the symptoms. But sometimes a patient has been sick for so long that the body’s trauma response is actually preventing them from returning to health. It can also be the case that unresolved past traumas are contributing to current physical symptoms. 

Countless physical illnesses and issues like chronic pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone imbalance and more can be linked with unresolved trauma. It is the #1 most underexposed risk factor for the majority of life-threatening diseases and mental health disorders.

In Dr. Parpia’s talk for the Trauma Super Conference from Feb 17th-19th, she will discuss how she sees trauma affecting her patients and how she is able to help them move beyond this to reach healing. 

February 17th – 19th

Toxicity & Detoxification Masterclass

It feels like everywhere you look there is another detox program. Yet for our patients with chronic illness, detoxing is not a simple undertaking. It can create more problems than it solves if the protocol is not adapted for the patient’s specific needs. 

When creating a detox plan for our patients, Dr. Gordon looks at the whole system for potential blockages. We have to look at all organs and the connective tissue with the same comprehensive network approach to our diagnostic process. 

Helping the body ease into removing the toxic burden is just one of many challenges we face when it comes to healing from chronic illness. 

This topic and so much more are discussed in Rebel Health Tribe’s Toxicity & Detoxification Masterclass from Feb 17th-19th. 

February 27th – March 5th

Toxic Mold Masterclass

Not everyone reacts to toxic mold in the same way. One person could be fairly symptom-free, and another quite ill. A person may not have been aware of any underlying health concerns in their system until after they contract COVID. 

Many who experience Long Haul symptoms have underlying infections or toxins that their immune system was responding to and regulating appropriately until they contracted the virus. As the immune system responds to the larger threat, it leaves other, smaller concerns in the body system unguarded, and they may flourish more easily.

In the upcoming Toxic Mold Masterclass from Feb 27 – March 5, Dr. Jamie Kunkle shares his experience treating mold/mycotoxins to work towards recovery for his Long Haul COVID patients. In his interview by Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP, they discuss therapies for acute COVID and treatment strategies for Long Haul COVID and mold together. 

Past Events

January 24th – 31st

The Medicine of Mindset Summit

To heal from illness, we often seek out medicinal help. While treatments for our physical symptoms can be what is needed, how do you know that it was truly what improved your health? Sometimes simply expecting a treatment to work can mean that it works. This is called the placebo effect.

It should come as no surprise that your mindset plays an important role in your healing process.

This knowledge is such an important part of healing chronic illness, and we want you to have all the tools possible to get back to health. 

In his talk with Dr. Anita M Jackson, Dr. Kunkle discusses the Placebo Effect and how he has seen it work with his patients. 

Join this summit from Tuesday, January 24th through January 31st to learn how to harness the power of your mindset as medicine – so you can heal from overwhelming stress, fatigue, and burnout, reverse chronic conditions and even live a longer, happier life!

January 10th –  17th

Regenerative Medicine Summit

For all of our patients the goal is not only to help them heal from illness, but to experience optimal health.

The use of peptides is changing the scope of treatment for many with chronic illness and helping patients reach this milestone sooner. They have become a vital part of our protocols, especially for immune regulation. 

Dr. Parpia specifically has seen peptides make the efficacy of all of her other treatments faster with amazing results. In the upcoming Regenerative Medicine Summit, she speaks in depth on how she uses peptides to achieve exciting results for patients with complex chronic illness.

This summit, hosted by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, brings together more than 40 leading experts to share the latest advancements in cutting-edge medicine. We hope to see you there!

November 14th – 20th

Root Causes, Rapid Results Summit

Many patients who come to our clinic ask the same question “I feel like I’ve tried everything, what is preventing me from getting well?”

It can be incredibly difficult to find the answer when the root causes of chronic health issues can get overlooked by even the best practitioners. The solution often lies in the Cell Danger Response and an incomplete healing cycle.

Dr. Gordon be speaking in depth about the Cell Danger Response and strategies for treating your health issues at the upcoming Root Causes Rapid Results Summit on November 20th.

If you’re frustrated because you continue to struggle with digestive concerns, autoimmune conditions, inflammation, or chronic illness of any kind… this unique event is designed for you.

Learn about the leading systematic, root cause approaches to recovery that respect your body’s stages of healing and get results!

October 24th – 30th

The Fascia & Chronic Pain Rescue Summit

Healthy fascia is a source of ease and flow, creating comfort within your body. When neglected, it can be a source of tremendous pain and discomfort.

When your fascia is constricted – whether by injury, scars, trauma, stress or illness – the flow between your body’s interwoven systems gets disrupted.

Having an understanding of the fascial system is the first step to alleviating years of tension, regaining flexibility, preventing injury and optimizing your health.

Register below to watch an interview with Dr. Eric Gordon on “How Your Fascia Can Help or Hinder Healing”

Also, don’t miss out on talks by world leaders in Fascia Research from the international Fascia Research Society: Dr. Robert Schleip and Anatomy Trains’ Tom Myers, and authors and educators Gill Hedley, David Lesondak, Jill Miller, and Gary Carter.

  October 18th – 25th

Reversing Mast Cell Activation and Histamine Intolerance 

When you’ve been sick for a while with infections and environmental toxicants, your immune system can become dysregulated. Eventually, your Mast Cells (the frontline cells in your immune response) can become more easily and inappropriately stimulated. 

This is called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), and it can wreak havoc on your body.

It is possible to find answers that connect all of your symptoms and at the Reversing Mast Cell Activation and Histamine Intolerance Summit  you’ll learn about this potential root cause of your chronic symptoms and how to finally find relief. 

Register below to watch interviews with Dr. Eric Gordon and Dr. Nafysa Parpia where they discuss Using Peptides In MCAS and The Cell Danger Response: MCAS As A Healing Response

  October 17th – 23rd

Super Healthy Lungs Summit

Breathing is essential as you know – every cell in your body needs oxygen in order to live. Protecting our lungs from infections, pollution, toxins and allergens is becoming a priority for many, particularly with the increase in wildfires each year releasing even more toxins into the air.
The good news is that there are options for preventing and eliminating many of the triggers that cause breathing difficulties.

In this 7 day event, learn how to avoid infections and gain tools to not only keep your lungs healthy but boost your overall health as well!

Register below to watch interviews with Dr. Eric Gordon and Dr. Nafysa Parpia where they discuss the Cell Danger Response and the role of your sinus’ in your health. 

September 26th – October 2nd

Engineering Your Microbiome

Did you know that your microbiome is connected to every single body system as well as your overall physical and mental wellness?

Your diet plays a role, but a general shift away from natural environments with little exposure to soil, animals, and other environmental microbes seems to be impacting the gut microbiome in potentially detrimental ways.

Microbiome imbalances can make you sick, tired, and can even affect your mood.

So, how do you restore your microbiome if it’s out of balance? 

Discover comprehensive solutions for better microbiome health at the online, complimentary, Engineering Your Microbiome summit!

September 20th – 27th

Mastering the Menopause Transition

This incredible 7 day event will bring together more than 40 speakers – including doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine experts, women’s health experts, and more, to teach you how to feel more control and confidence as you transition through menopause!

Topics include: 

  • Why Your Mindset Is Your Greatest Ally in Mastering Your Meno(pause) Transition
  • Getting Your Best Sleep Ever
  • The Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause 
  • Overlooked Lifestyle Changes that Make a Major Impact on your Hormonal Health

Learn to embrace menopause as a transformative time of growth and change.

Register below to watch the interview with Dr. Nafysa Parpia where she discusses Environmental Medicine and it’s Effects on Menopause

August 29th – September 4th

The Many Manifestations of Mast Cell Activation

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is a complex medical condition that causes a wide variety of repeated allergic and non-allergic symptoms. Some studies show that approximately 17% of the population has MCAS.

Join the best and brightest minds in medicine on the topic of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and related symptoms. This 7-day event will deep dive into what triggers MCAS, the systems impacted by it and its links to other conditions, including Lyme disease, mold toxicity, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, SIBO and others. Gordon Medical’s Dr. Nafysa Parpia is a featured expert and will be discussing the role of Peptide Therapy in MCAS. 

Friday, August 19th (12PM PT | 3PM ET)

Support Yourself During Wildfire Season

In recent years, wildfires in the U.S. have grown larger and more intense. These powerful blazes are capable of generating smoke that travels hundreds of miles. The air pollution created by these wildfires affects every organ of our body.

Persistent smoke pollution has become a new public health threat and is something we often treat here at Gordon Medical.

We hope you will join us Friday, August 19th at 12 pm PT | 3 pm ET as we discuss how to address and manage symptoms of acute exposure in the moment, as well as chronic symptoms and treatment methods.

July 5th – July 15th, 2022

Immune For Life 

10-Part Groundbreaking Health Documentary Series

Dr. Eric Gordon is featured alongside 35 medical experts in the Immune for Life 10-Part Docu-Series which shines a light on the long-forgotten, natural remedies for cancer, autoimmune disease, dementia, as well as heart and gut issues.