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Introduction To the Guidebook For the Byron White Herbal Formulas

Introduction To the Guidebook For the Byron White Herbal Formulas

Please understand that Dr. Anderson and Gordon Medical cannot prescribe or recommend treatment to patients they have not seen. Byron White Formulas are ONLY available to current GMA patients by prescription.

You will find detailed information on the following pages. This information is provided for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat an individual. The formulas have changed since these articles were written, and suggested dosages are now different. Contact your practitioner to adjust your treatment.

The Byron White Herbal Formulas

By Wayne Anderson, N.D.

It is my honor to introduce the Byron White Formula’s (BWF). They will quickly become an essential therapeutic tool in the treatment of Chronic Lyme disease and the other chronic fatigue-like illnesses. This Guidelines to the Byron White Formulas will introduce each formula, organize their properties in three categories (Provoking, Regulatory and Regenerative), list the ingredients and the dosing recommendations.

How They Work

These formulas have been developed over the last 20 years by Dr. Byron White. The ingredients have been specifically selected for their synergistic qualities. These formulas are plant extracts (1:1) using purified grape alcohol. The plants along with their synergistic energetics have been specifically selected for use with Chronic Lyme disease and the chronic fatigue-like illnesses.. I have had the great opportunity to use these formulas with thousands of my patients over the past ten years. I now see that they are an important piece in the case management of Chronic Lyme disease.

The formulas are designed to work energetically and physically. Dr. White has created a fundamentally different approach to the treatment of microorganisms. He has found, through specific blends of plants, combined with the principles of physics, a way to neutralize the energetics of pathogens. Each formula targets a specific pathogen, weakens it, disorganizing its ability to function and reproduce. This works through the immune system, identifying the threat, neutralizing it and helping to eliminate it from the body. The energetic components of the formulas can reach any place in the body, unlike other forms of treatment.

Four Therapeutic Properties of the BWF

The BWF work on multiple levels simultaneously. Their therapeutic actions can be divided into the three categories: Provoking (primary and secondary), Regulatory and Regenerative.

They are powerful and specific. When used against the appropriate microorganism the patient can experience significant therapeutic effect from a small dose.

The formula’s Provoking Action refers to the specific activation of the immune system against one or more microorganisms. This agent will help the immune system recognize the threat, disorganize it, and not allowing it to reproduce. As it is broken into pieces the cell has the improved ability to move them out. The formula assists in the unloading of the pathogen from the cell.

The same formula will act on a less specific way on other pathogens. These less significant immune responses will be listed in the Secondary Action section.

The Regulatory Mechanisms of the formulas help the homeostatic mechanisms of the cell reestablish themselves. The immune, endocrine, gastrointestinal and nervous systems are balanced as the functions of the cells are reinstated.

The Regenerative Properties of the formulas are necessary for further rehabilitation. The rebuilding of cells leads to individual organ revival, which rejuvenates the body’s organ systems. BWF provides the cells with accessible nutrients and cell communicators to promote anabolic function. The formulas promote the removal of stored toxins further improving healing.

Ingredients/Therapeutic Profile

The ingredients will be outlined for each formula along with a brief description of the basic properties of the herbs.

Oral Dosing Recommendation

A-BAB, A-BART, A-L Complex and A-FNG

These four have individualized dosing schedules that will vary in relation to the response of the individual. There is no set dose with these products. The practitioner needs to work with the patient to understand this adjustable dosing concept.

Note: Please be aware that the formulas have changed since these articles were written, and suggested dosages are now different.

External Uses

This is a powerful way to use the formulas, especially for chemically sensitive patients or those that cannot handle oral applications due to gastrointestinal problems. It is a useful way for allowing the herbs and energetic to travel though the body. They can be used on acupuncture meridians, helping to open them and neutralize energy blocks. This imbalance can be from the pathogens themselves or from secondary metabolic or emotional blockages. Apply to the meridian beginning and end points or bottoms of each foot. 1-2 drops in the sensitive patient can cause possible die off.

Consider using the appropriate formulas externally on the areas that are symptomatic. When the back of neck, spine, joints, liver, etc. are more painful, inflamed, or swollen consider 1-2 drops in each area.

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