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Mold, Biotoxins, and Neurotoxins

Molds can release toxins that activate our innate immune system and provoke disabling chronic inflammation and many hormonal disturbances.  This is quite distinct from the hay fever-allergic reaction molds can provoke.  There is a third way fungi (mold, yeast, etc) can make us sick. Fungus hypersensitivity can create inflammation that mimics infection. Our bodies can be colonized by molds and fungus living on the surfaces (skin, nasal passages, lung, gastrointestinal tract), and in more rare conditions, can infect the body’s tissues.

Certain types of toxigenic mold can be a major factor in neurotoxic conditions. Lyme disease, petrol-based pesticides, insecticides, and solvents are also major contributors to neurotoxic inflammation. Heavy metals are sludge toxins with some of the same neurotoxic effects as petrol-based chemicals.

Audio Talks

Mold Toxicity and Chronic Inflammatory Illness

Dr. Gordonhas been actively involved in research into the underlying causes and treatments of chronic inflammatory illnesses.

These illnesses can be triggered by biotoxin exposure, mold, Lyme disease, and a variety of other insults to the immune system. Find out how Dr. Gordon currently understands the process of inflammation developing in the body, and what you can do about it.

The Mitochondria In Complex Illness

Audio interview with Eric Gordon, MD.

Our topic for today is a complicated one. We’re going to talk about the role of the mitochondria in complex chronic illness. The mitochondria is the organelle that’s most responsible for cellular energy and it plays a crucial role in chronic diseases. Every cell in our body contains several thousand mitochondria and mitochondria produce 90% of the energy our body needs to function.

See complete transcript. 

Helping the Unusually Sensitive Patient to Heal

Interview with Wayne Anderson, ND. We see many patients who cannot tolerate the typical doses of medications, supplements, and even homeopathics. This broadcast will be devoted to understand how this happens and how we can help those patients to heal.

Environmental Toxicity: What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

An audio interview with Dr. Eric Gordon.

Many of our patients are not fully aware of the problems associated with heavy metal toxicity (mercury and lead, especially), chemicals, electromagnetic waves and radiation and how these exposures may significantly impact their health.

When Your Home is Moldy: How to Evaluate and Remediate

John Banta, CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist), brings to this program over two decades in troubleshooting indoor environmental problems. His expertise covers many aspects of indoor air quality, but his specialization is in mold problems in buildings. He holds a degree in environmental health science, and is the author of “Extreme Weather Hits Home: Protecting Your Buildings From Climate Change,” and co-author of “Prescriptions For A Healthy House: A Practical Guide for Architects, Builders & Homeowners.”

Mold Toxicity: An Important Unrecognized Cause of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue


Dr. Brewer has published two landmark papers showing the common link between mold toxicity and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Furthermore, he has shown that once exposed to mold, in those with a weakened immune system, the mold may colonize the sinus and gut areas, producing mold toxins continuously contributing to prolonged illness. Recognizing this new information has enabled us to improve our treatment for mold toxicity.

Mold Toxicity Updated


Dr. Brewer has just published another paper detailing his results with the treatments he has pioneered and we look forward to sharing that information with our listeners and bringing everyone up to date on what has been learned.

What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Michelle Perro, MD, has been researching and working clinically with children now for 37 years, and she has some ideas for you. Dr. Perro has been a tireless advocate concerning the role of GM food and their associated pesticides and their effect on children’s health.