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Nebulized Glutathione for Smoke Inhalation

Fires seem to be a part of living in CA now. Many people are finding that the smoke has caused lung irritation, chest constriction, asthma, coughing or wheezing. GMA is offering nebulized glutathione, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier for the lungs, protecting the whole respiratory tract from oxidative stress. Because many pulmonary diseases and respiratory related conditions are affected by deficient antioxidant status, poor oxygenation and/or impaired host defenses, glutathione is an excellent choice to support healthy lung function. Oral or IV glutathione will not be as effective for treating lungs as the nebulized glutathione.

Nebulized Therapy

With a nebulizer, glutathione is delivered as a fine mist into the upper respiratory tract and lungs through a mask that covers the nose and mouth or delivered directly into the lungs with a mouth piece. Each nebulizer treatment takes between 15-25 minutes.

In terms of side effects, glutathione is very safe. Some people will experience mild coughing and a unpleasant sulfur odor. However, for those who are sulfite sensitive, glutathione is contraindicated. If you aren’t sure if you are sulfite sensitive, sulfite strips can measure your urine. Those who test positive for sulfites should not use glutathione.

Nebulized glutathione is offered to established patients of GMA during fire events. To make an appointment, contact us through the Patient Portal.

At other times, GMA offers Nebulized Glutathione to new patients after seeing one of our practitioners. To become a patient at GMA, contact us on the New Patient form, or call (707) 575-5180.