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Holistic Pain Therapies

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Electromagnetic and Light Frequency Therapies

IV Therapy

Movement Therapies

Neural Therapy

Ozone Therapy


Topical Therapies


Frequency Specific Microcurrent - Custom Care - Purchase and Set Up

Purchase your own Custom Care FSM unit to have available for ongoing treatment, or urgent care. The Custom Care will be programmed with frequecies targeted at your specific needs, and can have the programming changed if your needs change. Perfect for chronic conditions, injuries, and surgery. Contact your Medical Assistant about purchasing a Custom Care unit.

About FSM
Frequency Specific Microcurrent - Custom Care - Rental

Gordon Medical has Custom Care FSM units for rent, so that you can do your Frequency Specific Microcurrent protocols at home. The unit will be programmed with frequencies specifically targeted to your condition. Talk to your Medical Assistant about renting a Custom Care unit.

About FSM