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Your Virtual Visit – Telemedicine at GMA

Your Virtual Visit – Telemedicine at GMA

After making your appointment, you will receive an email reminder with an invitation to your Virtual Visit, which includes a link to the meeting.

1. Clicking the link takes you securely to the site where the meeting can start.

2. Once you arrive at the secure site, you will be prompted to “join meeting”.

3. Your browser will ask permission to access the camera and microphone; on accepting this, the meeting begins.

Appointment reminder

Special note for iPhone users:

On iPhones, the browser needs explicit permissions. If you have inadvertently blocked this in the past, it can result in the meeting not starting.

The solution:
Those with iPhones need to take the following steps.  (Your iPhone screen may look different depending on the version)

1. Go to “Settings”


2. Scroll down to “Safari”


3. Under “Privacy & Security”, set “Camera and Microphone” to “Allow” (green).

Camera and Microphone Settings

4. Or check “Allow” under each setting, depending on your iPhone version.

Camera Settings
Microphone Settings

5. Close all browser tabs (or restart the phone if that’s easier) and try again.

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